Bin the House Bunny Flyer

Why ‘The House Bunny’ Is Not Funny!

‘The House Bunny’ portrays the Playboy Mansion as exciting and fun, and its owner, Hugh Hefner, as a friend of women and girls – a caring ‘father figure’. Don’t be deceived!

Playboy is a porn company – it has made a fortune out of exploiting women

The Playboy Mansion: In The House Bunny Hugh Hefner, owner of Playboy, portrays himself as kindly and generous to the ‘bunnies’. But real-life former ‘house bunny’ Izabella St James speaks of him as being ‘controlling’, ‘manipulative’ and ‘losing his temper easily’. In the Mansion, ‘house bunnies’ have to obey a 9pm curfew, and 82 year old Hefner has numerous 20-something ‘girlfriends’, who are encouraged to have sex with Hefner, to perform sexually for him and to undertake cosmetic surgery as part of ‘girlfriend maintenance’. Does this sound funny?

Playboy magazines: Playboy magazines portray women as endlessly sexually available, and trivialise serious issues such as rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Playboy has printed “humorous” cartoons of women being raped. Playboy has dressed its models up like small children with captions such as “It’s easy to feel paternalistic toward the cuddly type above. Naturally she digs forceful father figures, so come on strong big Daddy.” Playboy makes rape funny and child sexual abuse arousing: see the recent cover of French Playboy above. Does this look like Playboy is a friend of women and girls?

Playboy TV: Playboy runs 6 porn channels in the UK. Film titles blatantly indicate glorification of sexualised violence: ‘Barely 18 Anal Virgins’; ‘Wait Your Turn Bitch!’; ‘Fresh and Juicy Lolitas’; ‘Ripped, Stripped and Shagged’; and ‘Submissive Sluts’. Does this sound like Playboy respects women and girls, or condemns child sexual abuse?

Playboy promotes sexist stereotypes

Playboy typically uses the following terms to refer to women and girls:

Playmate, Pet, Hot girls, Bitch, Nympho, Bimbo, Babes, Bunny, Sluts, Beauties, Plaything, Lolitas

Playboy deals in offensive stereotypes of women: you’re either a dumb blonde or ugly, frigid, a bitch, a social misfit – especially if you’re a feminist! Does this sound like Playboy sees women and girls as human beings?

Playboy is now intent on exploiting young girls

Even before the credit crunch, Playboy profits were down. Now its shares have plummeted – down from $12 a year ago to just $2.33. So Playboy wants to make more money – and it aims to do so by specifically targetting young girls as consumers.

Playboy merchandise: Branded goods such as pencil cases and single duvet covers are targeted to appeal to pre-teen and teenage girls. Playboy is grooming girls as consumers of a porn brand and promoting the Playmate and Playboy bunny as something for young women and girls to aspire to.

The House Bunny: The House Bunny is promoted as a 12A romantic comedy, aimed at appealing to young girls, and distances itself from the realities of Playboy’s longstanding history of exploitation as part of the sex industry.

Don’t fall for it! The House Bunny is not funny!

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