Next Anti-Playboy Protest this Saturday

The next Bin the Bunny Anti-Playboy protest will be this Saturday, the 25th October, 2-5 outside Playboy’s Oxford Street store.

The protest is open to anti-porn women and pro-feminist men, and you can come for as much time as you can spare. We will supply placards, flyers and stickers.

We are protesting in co-operation with the police; if the pavement becomes too crowded (causing a safety hazard to pedestrians), we may have to protest in shifts.

If you have any questions, please email us: [at]


4 responses

  1. I am glad to hear that women are using the stronger voice that we have acquired through out the past century and that women will not be harrassed or overpowered due to the nature of our bodies and seen and viewed as feminine. I am a feminist and was raised as a matriarchial lady and and hope that more women will stand up and live for the betterment of our future and and for the heelth of our society and people as a whole, for we are a strong portion of the people and respect is to recognzed and so many women have low sel-esteem due to the degradation of such direspectful jobs and parts in society today, as they are allowed and willing enabled to work and lowly dis-honour themselves for the rate of such an awful income to do such an disgusting job.

  2. I hope to see more women and anti-porn feminists rallying against the pornograghy businesses.

  3. Ahhh Playboy. One of my favourite magazines to hate. I have a friend who needed money to put herself through school and told me about the horrors of working in the stupid Playboy club that was here in Nyc. I don’t know if it’s still here or not. She developed severe alcoholism to hide the pain of the way she was being treated there. Hugh Hefner is a glorified pimp. He helps to perpetuate the sexualization of the “girl next door” look. He lives off pictures of naked women and his stupid “clubs.” Of course the women are the main attraction. No woman would pay him any mind if he didn’t have money. If he didn’t, that old fart wouldn’t have three (?!) “girlfriends” = sex slaves. I think he created Playboy to keep women focused solely on their looks/appearance instead of really getting our hands dirty and working on the women’s issues with the powers that be (the patriarchy). He is oppressing women by saying “if you don’t look like this (airbrushed) model then you are not sexy or attractive. What a nightmare!

  4. Hi Jennie,

    Thanks for your comment. Your friend’s experience is an important reminder of how psychologically damaging even the ‘mild’ end of the sex industry is – if ‘sex work’ was so fun and glamorous, women wouldn’t have to use alcohol or other drugs to get through such ‘work’.

    I have a good quote here about how such harm is minimised by sex industry advocates, and turned into an individualised, isolated problem with the women themselves, not the institution of the sex industry.

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