Norma Hotaling 1951-2008

Norma Hotaling, founder and Executive Director of the SAGE Project in San Francisco died on December 16, 2008 following a short illness.

Norma Hotaling transformed her own experiences in prostitution into a mission of social justice for her sisters and brothers who had also been trafficked and exploited in prostitution. As a direct result of Ms. Hotaling’s life work, many now have a profound understanding of the harm of prostitution and the responsibility of buyers for that harm. Through Ms. Hotaling the voices of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation reached the forefront of the global movement against human trafficking. Her life and her work dissolved myths about prostitution, proving it to be the world’s oldest oppression rather than a victimless crime. She was a beacon of courage and an extraordinarily effective champion of victimized and marginalized women,children, men and transgendered people.

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The SAGE (Standing Against Global Exploitation) Project

A 1997 Mother Jones profile


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  1. […] example, Norma Hotaling, who died last year, and Somaly Mam, a Cambodian woman described in this New York Times piece on […]

  2. The Mother

    ‘They shall be spoken of among their people,
    The generations shall remember them,
    And call them blessed’, Padraic H. Pearse

    Abolition, when we have won, will be a religion.

    Gregory Carlin

    IATC, Belfast, N. Ireland

  3. An obituary from the Guardian here

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