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From A Radical Profeminist Blog

On Gay Pornography:
It carries virtually all the same destructive, anti-intimate, anti-Erotic (as Audre Lorde used the term), anti-humane, anti-joyful values as the heterosexual pornography white straight male pimps (by and large) make for their brethren. Christopher Kendall has worked for many years analysing and and explaining the politics (and negative impact on gay men) of gay male pornography. That gay male pornography is white supremacist and racist should be obvious to anyone who has encountered it. That it is also male supremacist and misogynistic, to the core, should also be blatantly clear, but often isn’t, because white male supremacy, as an institutionalised, enacted, enforced ideology, is so effectively invisibilised in liberal societies as “just how things are”.


2 responses

  1. Correct – lesbian and homosexual pornography has the same mantra as straight heterosexual pornography. All three promote the misogynistic and male supremacist belief that ‘sexual activity can only be enacted when one person or a number of persons are enacting hegemonic masculinity and the other persons are represented as ‘the feminine other.’

    Christopher Kendall and Wayne Martino have written and spoken out about homosexual pornograhy for years. Yet there is widespread belief pornography is just ‘fantasy’ rather than a system which promotes a white male supremacist, misogynistic and racist script.

  2. And speaking of Audre Lorde…

    WHAT A FIND… THIS IS HERSTORICAL!!! I just discovered this on YouTube yesterday and got it up on the blog:


    Question: does anyone know when and where this feminist antipornography conference might have taken place??? Lorde mentions Dworkin addressing the same audience the day before in the first half minute. Must’ve been the mid-1980s???

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