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I think that feminism works for the liberation and equality of women, and it is not in prostitution that we are going to find them. I can’t say that I have seen many feminists help prostituted women to try getting out of it, many have the impression that there are more feminists who try to keep them where they are by making them believe that this is the best profession in the world. The groups that represent “sex workers”, do they help them to walk out or do they feel satisfied just by requesting the legalization of prostitution ? I wonder who is behind the intense propaganda to change the law so as to make prostitution more acceptable. There must be huge financial interests at stake considering all of the arguments to justify the existence of prostitution and there must be important people pulling some strings somewhere.

From: The Whole Truth Must be Told : Sylviane’s testimony on her experience of prostitution

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  1. The Mary Magdalene Project based in Southern California was both a faith-based (Presbyterian) and a feminist organization that helped hundreds of women and their children escape a life in prostitution between 1980-2008. We were unabashed in our critique of patriarchal cultures that craved the sexual services of exploited women and girls. We recognized the massive number of vulnerabilities facing each of these women (addiction, homelessness, mental illness, lack of education, incarceration, violence, etc.) and facilitated skill building and training to create a world of safer and healthier choices for these women.

    Rev. Ann Hayman
    Founding Director

  2. Marie who responded to Sylviane’s hard-hitting testimony in respect of her experiences in prostitution, asked this question. ‘If it really was such a grand experience (referring to prostitution) wouldn’t there be more men in this job?’ But there are innumerable men involved in prostitution and they are the pimps, brothel owners, prostitutors (Johns who buy prostituted women and girls), so-called respectable business men who have a share in brothels. Oh the list is endless, male taxi drivers, male owners of hotels, travel agents, advertisers – the list is endless but the only difference is these men are not the ones being penetrated, sexually assaulted, or sexually tortured by other men. No, these men are all earning huge profits literally off the backs of prostituted women and girls.

    So, this explains why the pro-prostitution lobby is working overtime to promote prostitution as ‘just work’ because it earns men so much profit and of course it is men’s sex right we are talking about. The right of all men to buy prostituted women and this right extends to all men irrespective of whether they buy a woman/girl or not – because our society refuses to see reality. Namely prostitution is the sexual enslavement of women and girls for men’s sexual consumption.

    If men spoke out and declared women and girls are not men’s sexualised commodities then male demand would dramatically decrease but this is not happening. Instead we have so-called feminists offering condoms and free medical check-ups to prostituted women rather than working with these women in order to help them exit prostitution.

    It is so much easier to keep women in prostitution when other so-called feminist women promote the lie that prostitution is ‘just work.’ No wonder so many prostituted women believe (all too often quite rightly) that feminists do not care a jot about prostituted women’s lives. Men need do nothing apart from sitting back and watching these so-called feminist women do their work for them, which is to promote men’s pseudo sex right to any woman or girl.

  3. Isn’t it interesting that feminists, part of the oppressed gender and the sex-class must almost always take all the heat for not freeing all other women and children from prostitution when it is men’s fault in the first place. It is men’s fault because we live in a Patriarchy, and as it was stated above, men are the clients and by and large the organizers, the pimps, in prostitution. This is what patriarchy does, flips everything upside down and blames the oppressed people for being oppressed. It is akin to blaming African-Americans for not freeing themselves from slavery, sooner than they did, and with no white allies, and no laws on their side. Women, even if we do have the constitutional right, to all the said freedoms and equalities obviously need our own civil rights act passed. Watch the ERA get shouted down every time it comes up in Congress, mostly by white males, the main beneficiaries of the patriarchy.

    Thanks for this post. Great detecting.

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