Child Prostitution in Iraq

Time Magazine has an article about child prostitution/trafficking in Iraq

It emphasises that it is mothers/women doing the pimping/trafficking, and this seems to be an emerging trend on the subject. It suits the status quo very well to see prostitution as only something women do to themselves or do to each other, and once again serves to render the men involved – the demand side – invisible.

I found the article via the Feminist Law Professors blog, and the blogger Ann Bartow, makes a good point about this:

That more European women than men were convicted of trafficking doesn’t prove more women are engaged in it. But the fact that many female “former victims,” unable to exit the trade, cut the best deals for themselves they can under the circumstances by becoming pimps so that they no longer have to sexually service men shouldn’t be surprising.

This comes from the Time article:

Baghdad’s Minister of Women’s Affairs, Nawal al-Samarraie, resigned last month in protest of the lack of resources provided to her by the government. “The ministry is just an empty post,” she told TIME. “Why do I come to the office every day if I don’t have any resources?” Yet even al-Samarraie doesn’t think sex-trafficking is an issue. “It’s limited,” she said, adding that she believed the girls involved choose to engage in prostitution.

Now I’m just wondering where it could be that she gets the idea that so many women and girls ‘choose’ to enter prostitution, and that that isn’t a problem?


One response

  1. Ah so I am not the only person to spot the ‘deliberate mistake!’ Of course it is women who are sexually exploiting and selling girls to Johns and pimps. It is not the fact that men are driving the demand for younger and younger girls so that these men can rape and sexually torture them. Nor is it the fact so many men globally are demanding and expressing their pseudo male sex right of unlimited sexual access to any human being who happens to be female.

    The Time article was another piece of ‘window dressing’ because it did not ask the very important question which is – why are so many Iraqi women selling their young daughters to male rapists? Could it be these women have a ‘choice’ either sell their daughters or have their families starve to death. No, that cannot be true, rather as The Time article implied, let’s blame women again whilst the men who are driving the demand in unlimited supplies of girls’ bodies remain invisible and hidden from the critical gaze.

    Anyway women in Iraq have never had it so ‘good’ because the great and good US and UK have supposedly liberated Iraqi women from oppression!

    Likewise the fact more women than men are being prosecuted for trafficking in women does not mean female sexual slavery is run and organised by women. No, what it means is the ‘minows’ are the ones being caught whilst the bigger and more powerful fish remain safely hidden out of sight and out of mind. ‘The bigger fish’ are the men who run and organise women trafficking and these men are cunning since they use the women to do their dirty work. It is a fact that many women involved in prostitution opt to do the pimps’ dirty work as a way of getting out of having to endure being raped and sexually tortured by the Johns. Which is better – being men’s sex slaves or finding women for the pimps to enslave and sell to Johns? Some choice is it not?

    Perhaps Nawal al-Samarraie believes women and girls freely ‘choose’ to become men’s sex slaves because this is the widespread dominant myth now circulating globally courtesy of the predominantly male-controlled and male-run Sex Industry. Ah but it is not Sex Industry but Adult Entertainment as the pimps and pornographers prefer to name it. Euphemising and hiding prostituted and trafficked women’s reality is all about protecting men’s sex right (sic) to women and girls.

    Time article’s headline should have read ‘Insatiable male sexual demand for poor young Iraqi girls causes poor Iraqi women to sell their daughters.’

    No, that cannot be the answer because the ‘good and great US and UK liberated Iraqi women did they not?

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