Quote of the Day: Beyond Multiple Choice

I guess it’s a lot easier to display your rebellious spirit when you’re not being asked to think about (let alone do) anything particularly demanding. It’s probably even easier when you can believe that whatever you’re already doing is itself positively revolutionary—or, more chillingly, that doing to others as you’ve been done to is really what liberation is all about.

Empowerment is not just a feeling. To get power, you have to take it, and that means you need to try to understand where it is and who has it and how they use it; and you would also do well to have some positive vision of what you would do with power if you had it. This is heady and complicated stuff. It can’t be glossed over in a chatroom or on a talk show. It takes time, and effort, and dedication to doing something difficult. That’s why it is so important to keep teaching radical feminism—real feminism—in universities.

Rebecca Whisnant
Beyond Multiple Choice
Said It Mar/Apr 2001

(found via Quit the Compromise)

One response

  1. the kind of power described here is the patriarchal concept of power- being, power-over others.

    there are other models for conceptualizing power. using a heirarchical power model will never dissipate subjugation, only rearrange it. as radical feminists if we do not reconceptualize what power means, and only think about doing something else with the way men have structured things, we aren’t ending patriarchy, we are assuming a different position within it while upholding its ideals.

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