Cath Elliott on the IUSW

Douglas Fox, pimp and professional windbag for the IUSW is at it again, although this time on a rather obscure pro-porny blog, rather than CiF.

Cath Elliott blogs about it effectively here (and gives our sister organisation, Autonomous Radical Feminists, a mention).

As Cath points out, and it’s important to keep on pointing out, the IUSW is not a legitimate union; it is a lobby group for the sex industry. There is a real and significant difference between front-line workers and middle management (who both have the same employers) being allowed to join the same union, and workers and bosses and members of the public with vested interests being allowed to join the same ‘union’.

What’s interesting to note, from one of Cath’s comments, is how discussion of IUSW membership/campaigning seems to be part of the ‘services’ being purchased by some johns now, as a precursor to the real ‘business’. I guess this particular speciality won’t be listed on the ‘menu’ any time soon, as it might shatter the johns’ illusions.

Also good to note that Douglas is no longer referring to himself as an ‘Amnesty activist’ (although he’s still calling himself a ‘human rights activist’). He was only ever a member of Amnesty International, he paid his three quid a month like thousands of other people in the UK, he was not employed by Amnesty, he did not speak on behalf of Amnesty, and Amnesty did not indorse his opinions in any way. It was thoroughly dishonest the way he was trying to cash in on their good name and reputation.

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  1. I was asked to resolve this issue by feminists associated with Prof. Donna Hughes.

    Mr Fox was a high profile AIUK. He was acting as the Gauleiter of Amnesty NE and he was able to achieve that prominence with the tacit acceptance of the AIUK leadership in London.

    Douglas Fox authored the AIUK motion at Nottingham 2008, and spoke for his own resolution, I can say that Fox’s prominent role with AIUK caused problems with Amnesty Ireland & Amnesty New Zealand.

    “and Amnesty did not indorse his opinions in any way. It was thoroughly dishonest the way he was trying to cash in on their good name and reputation.”

    Fox was fully supported by the AIUK leadership, they withdrew that support because of the politicians & etc. responding to the initiative linked to Prof. Hughes Dihnity Listserv.

    I promised I would take care of it and I did, and I would like the credit for resolving that problem.

    Gregory Carlin, IATC, Belfast Northern Ireland 02890 963164

    “The second problem is that Amnesty has (in some ways very effectively) campaigned against violence against women. The people and one woman in particular who has headed this campaign has taken what effectively is an anti escorting stance and has quoted Melissa farley and Julie Bindel heavily in their literature. I have challenged this position and the statistics used both on the Amnesty web site and at the conference where I basically caused a rumpus at the violence against women stall. I challenged the head of the campaign with regard to her statistics and basically she could not answer.”

    “I objected to this amendment at the workshop but it was supported while my resolution in calling for support of decriminalisation was defeated. I roughly had the support of around a third of the working group.

    The resolution was then presented to full conference later in the day and I had to speak to the full conference of roughly 5/6oo people again for about 10 minutes. The board again raised the same amendment which again I objected to as being unfriendly. The vote was taken and I lost (again however I carried about a third of the hall with me). A vote was taken on the Amnesty board amendment and it was carried substantially.

    So Amnesty has now declared its support for the Council of Europe’s resolution 1579 and has declared its support for the 2005 declaration of the rights of sex workers in Europe and has committed itself to a “Call for a comprehensive study into the issue of decriminalisation of escorting world wide”. I do not think that is a bad result at all.”

  2. I guess memories are short these days Gregory! If it was me, I wouldn’t want to admit having anything to do with him either.

  3. I just looked up Gauleiter, ouch!


    Once again for the record the IUSW is not a union it is a lobbyist organisation for the sex industry, pimps, brothel owners and prostitution apologists. Its aim is to keep women in prostitution and it could not care in the least about prostituted women. Remember prostitution is big business and guess who are the ones making all the money? Why the pimps and men who are selling women to the Johns that is who – not the prostituted women and girls.

    Now why is it so threatening to certain individuals whenever the subject of criminalising the Johns who buy prostituted women. Is it because this would effectively curb men’s presumed innate right of unlimited sexual access to women and girls?

    I say again the IUSW is not a union it is a lobbyist organisation and its sole purpose is to promote and keep women in prostitution. Most prostituted women and girls do not freely choose to have Johns raping and committing sexual violence against them, but that is lost in the mists of lies and counter accusations because essentially how dare feminists challenge men’s pseudo right of unlimited sexual access to women and girls. But we won’t be going away and neither will the issue of men buying women and girls.

  5. “I just looked up Gauleiter, ouch!”

    He likes being in charge, thankfully he is not that smart, as you may have worked out.

    A lot of Amnesty people, feel Dougie is a big liability.

    So “Human Rights Activist’ & pimp.

    What it now says on the tin.


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