Sheila is our Sister


Read the background to this at Gorgon Poisons.

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    Nothing new about demonising yet another radical feminist simply because she dares to speak the truth and challenge pseudo feminists and the sex industry. For centuries women who have dared to speak the truth and challenge male supremacy have been demonised.

    Remember the witch hunts – because this too was all about men and their supporters using claims that certain women and girls were witches in order to steal their few possessions, property or simply just to silence them.

    Another point of view would be that because Sheila Jeffreys is widely respected – yes widely respected not disrespected – this threatens male supremacists and their followers.

    Sheila Jeffreys has experienced these attacks before as did Kate Millett and not of course not forgetting the late Andrea Dworkin. Catherine MacKinnon too has been subjected to virulent women-hating attacks, but male supremacists and their supporters were not able to silence them. Additionally, there are many, many radical feminists who are routinely subjected to vicious misogynistic attacks and the reason is always because women who dare to speak the truth threaten male supremacists.

    Which is why there continues to be a war on women and sustained attempts to silence our voices. Control is never 100% total because the oppressed can never be totally silenced, as soon as one voice is silenced another one appears. So the war continues.

  2. The Longest War

    So very true: “… the war continues.” This is preaching to the converted (or the top bloggers among feminist women), so to speak. Thus, I wonder how it would be possible to reach mind-dazed women (not women’s fault) who don’tyet believe the war is against womankind by man. This is not a war innocently labeled with a few manly smirks as “between the sexes” but a war waged and continuing by man against womankind to which women need their resistance.

    If only every teen-aged girl saw not what was playing at the movie-plex and on billboards without critical commentary, but all of the city-scape and media images critically compiled at If required reading in high school included the radical feminist blog commentaries about women by women, and the books of Sheila Jeffreys, instead of the boring histories in sanitized homage to the male ego. If only …

  3. Thanks heaps for posting this. 🙂

  4. And thank you for creating it!

  5. What were once straightforward factual professional biographies of Sheila Jeffreys and Melissa Farley on Wikipedia have been repeatedly sabotaged by antifeminist fanatics. Worse still, such marauding is protected by Wikipedia’s convoluted operating rules that regard malicious sowing of hostile misinformation as merely balanced discussion and requiring victims to engage in exhausting “mediation” with those whose only intent is to harass them.

    If any reader of this blog is skilled in interacting with Wikipedia, I hope that they will work on cleaning up these Wikipedia pages so that they can provide dignified and accurate reference information on these courageous women.

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