Some men have just noticed that men hate women

Apparently Playboy has published a list of Conservative women they would like to ‘hate fuck’, and in response, some men have clued into the fact that men hate women.

See this post: Playboy Magazine Officially Hates Women, Conservative or Otherwise. (NB: I haven’t clicked through any of the links on the page so don’t know how SFW/triggering any of them may be).

How sweet, there’s now a ‘boycott Playboy’ campaign (I guess the jokes about rape and Heff boasting of his bestiality porn collection just weren’t bad enough).

And please note, it was heterosexual, porn loving men who came up with the term ‘hate fuck’, not supposedly ‘anti-sex’ radical feminists.

4 responses

  1. I get what you’re saying, but it’s not really fair to say I “just noticed.”

  2. Fair enough, but this does seem to be the first time mainstream (ie not identifying as pro/feminist) men have been so upset by the misogyny of porn that they’re actually prepared to go to the trouble of boycotting a particular brand of porn. (Or at least the first time in a while, I guess this kind of thing crops up in the mainstream every so often.)

    It’s important, also, to note, that this has happened only because the women being treated like shit are ‘real’ women, named women, important women with ‘respectable’ lives. When it’s some anonymous woman being called a cumpig in gonzo porn, mainstream men tend not to give a shit – after all, if she didn’t like it and want it, she wouldn’t be there would she?

  3. Jennifer Drew

    Patriarchy again dividing women into ‘good or bad’ women hence only certain women are deemed worthy of being considered human.

    What a chivalrous (?) response by mainstream media speaking out on men’s misogyny towards these ‘respectable and conservative women.’ But when it is women who are marginalised, whether because they are not white and middle-class or because they are deemed to have caused their own poverty and disadvantage, then such women are ‘fodder for men’s hatred and contempt.’

    Dividing women into ‘good or bad’ is almost as bad as men’s misogyny because women continue to be defined and judged by men’s standards which conveniently ignores the fact men are not held equally accountable for their actions or behaviour towards women.

  4. […] Following on from this post, it seems some men think we’re getting all worked up over nothing. You see, the term ‘hate fuck’ isn’t about hating women […]

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