Daily Archives: June 3rd, 2009

More on Sheila Jeffreys

I found this rather awesome post by what appears to be a new blogger, redmegaera:

Jeffreys’ main objection is to “idea of prostitution”: the idea that women and transsexuals (as well as boys and “feminized” men) exist to be used by adult men and that prostitution is an appropriate way to use them. It is based on an analysis which sees prostitution as an institution (like marriage and compulsory heterosexuality) that is socially constructed out of men’s dominance and women’s subordination. […]

Prostitution affects all members of the sex-class “woman”. All women should be allowed to participate in the debate. Radical feminists like Jefferys and myself see prostitution as a sexist and exploitative institution incommensurable with the idea of a post-patriarchal society. However, radical feminist activism should not focus on stigmatizing, silencing or criminalizing prostitutes but in delegitimizing the idea of prostitution itself. This means ending demand. In practice this may affect women as prostitutes but all anti-prostitution feminists are deeply concerned about the long-term psychological, economic and social welfare of prostitutes as persons. Radical feminists support the parallel funding and development of targeted support services for prostituted women, including welfare, education and vocational training, psychological and medical services.

See also her Re-politicizing sexuality: heterosexual sex and the prostitution debate.