Daily Archives: June 6th, 2009

Quote of the Day: Abuse

I mean: you knew it was happening, right? Even before you knew it was happening, even if you didn’t know it was happening, for sure, until today: you knew it was happening. It was in the context. It was in the other photos, the ones where the rape wasn’t shown. Eroticized violence; sex as violence; sex as humiliation; “feminization” as both violence and humiliation: it’s a dynamic, a dynamic you know, something that’s a part of jokes, fraternity initiations, straight-guy porn, something woven into the culture at such a deep level that you can’t help but recognize it, get that sick taste in the back of your mouth when you see it. Especially when you know where it leads. And you know where it leads. It leads here.

From Tiger Beatdown, on the ‘new’ Abu Ghraib photos.