Quote of the Day: Raunch Culture Critique

Those of us who are really exploring our own female sexuality aren’t standing on some lofty cloud above Levy’s raunch culture shaking our fingers at the folks down there jiggling around in their G-strings. We critique “sex-positive” culture because we know all about it, from being in it. We’ve all been to our own versions of CAKE parties and seen our share of Playboy and Penthouse. In addition to opposing pornography because it feeds on the sexual abuse, rape, coercion, and trafficking of millions of women and children worldwide who don’t have a “choice” about being “empowered” by “participating” in it, we “anti-sex” feminists oppose pornography because we’ve used pornography and it left us empty. We reject cheap sex and “playing” because we’ve “played” and had cheap sex–and plenty of it–and we realized it had nothing to do with who we were. Like Levy says, “When I’m in the plastic ‘erotic’ world of high, hard tits and long nails and incessant pole dancing…I don’t feel titillated or liberated or aroused. I feel bored, and kind of tense.”(p. 81) Sexual experiences that are not in keeping with our intellectual and social values, our ideas about the ways we want to be treated and the way we want all women to be treated, can’t ultimately be comfortable or enjoyable for women of conscience. Feminism always was about enabling women to be whole people instead of martyrs or blow-up dolls, but in raunch culture Levy accurately perceives that “we have accepted as fact the myth that sexiness needs to be something divorced from the everyday experience of being ourselves.” (p. 44)

From Feminist Reprise, ‘Big Fat Dyke Loves Sex’.

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