Daily Archives: July 8th, 2009

Quote of the Day: Against Sadomasochism

The posturing of sadists and masochists as “transgressive” can be confusing to those not familiar with feminist theory. By definition, the ultimate goal of feminism is to end sadomasochism. Our system is sadomasochistic to the core, how is celebrating it any kind of true rebellion? […]. The political values of sadism are blatantly antifeminist, totalitarian and right-wing. Sadomasochism is business as usual; power relations as usual; race, gender and class as usual. Sadomasochism is one ritual version of dominance and submission. Sadomasochism is not a creative deviation from normal heterosexual behavior. It is the defining quality of the power relationship between women and men. Sadism is the logical extension of behavior that arises out of male power. […] We live in a misogynist world, and women have so little political power, that it’s easier to fantasize about absolute personal power than to politically organize for change.

Melissa Farley
Ten Lies About Sadomasochism