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Feminism can never equate with individualism, no matter what the pick-and-mix proselytisers might tell you. That a single woman feels empowered to make a particular choice means nothing if the grassroots organisations and political lobbies don’t exist to manifest real social shifts. It is still collective theory and collective action that changes the world.

Libby Brooks, Time for a good scrap about what our feminism really is

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  1. Jennifer Drew

    Or to put it another way an individual woman cannot change our male-dominated society. Only women working together as a collective can change society. Which is how women after decades of activism finally succeeded in obtaining the vote. Same applies to education rights for women – only women working together succeeded in gaining entry to universities – men did their utmost to keep women out.

    Racism was not seen as a violation of non-white groups rights until such time as non-white groups worked together to challenge the white male system.

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