Quote of the Day: Targeting women


image from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, found via Feminist Law Professors.


One response

  1. Of course the woman-hating murderer is just another ‘isolated case’ and has no relation whatsoever to our women-hating and misogynistic society. No, we are all individuals and all able to view women-hating propaganda as just ‘humour’ or a ‘joke.’ Who says so? Why our male-dominant and male-supremacist society says so and this includes the male-dominant popular culture.

    Now if the women-hating murderer had targetted men then of course it would not be an ‘isolated incident’ rather the media would theorise the man’s mother must be to blame because as we know ‘all mothers have immense power over their children especially male children’ and society again plays no part whatsoever in teaching boys and girls to hold women and girls in contempt.

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