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Naturally, Apple, in taking a hatchet to its greasier apps, has not actually had an attack of moral indignation or even of good taste; they haven’t, for instance, banned Playboy or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit app. No, they’ve merely gotten hip to the fact that their rapidly swelling reputation for hawking low-rent smut is adversely affecting revenues. But instead of just copping to that, Apple has elected to scapegoat those pesky women complainers. That’s right. Humorless, Puritanical feminists supposedly whined so loudly about being offended and degraded by iBoobs that Apple just couldn’t ignore’em, and out went Wobble faster than you can snap a G-string.

Which, if it were true, would be the first time any major corporation has ever listened to feminists about anything, let alone pornography. Apple, in fact, not only doesn’t listen to feminists, it doesn’t listen to anybody. But this well-known and oft-joked-about fact doesn’t prevent the Gizmodoids from casting aspersions on killjoy women for wrecking their dudely access to mobile wanking on the iPhone platform.

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  1. Oh no not women-blaming again!! Apple get a life – feminists have known for eons now the mantra proclaimed by male supremacy which is ‘when in doubt always blame feminists.’

    But then Apple never has and never will listen to anyone – there is only one thing which Apple approves of and that is profit. Now reduction in revenue is the reason why Apple have removed some of its porn – nothing whatsoever to do with feminists who oppose porn – but hey it’s a good myth making story.

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