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Anti-porn: you’re doing it wrong

Disappointing, but unsurprising, story from Sri Lanka, where male dominated authorities have decided that the best way to ‘protect’ women and children, is to prosecute them.

Of course, such moralising behaviour has always been justified as ‘protecting’ women and children. It’s also unsurprising to note that of the 80 people who are being traced by the police, only three are men. It’s also unsurprising to note that ‘The mug shots have been obtained by a special police squad viewing films “round the clock”, officers said.’!

The adverts [in local papers, featuring the mug shots of] the porn actors, many of whom appear to be teenagers according to police, have been controversial. Several newspapers have refused to print them despite court orders to do so arguing that they breached the right to privacy of those pictured. Anti-prostitution campaigners and human rights lawyers have also objected, raising the possibility that many of those featured in the posters might be coerced, under-age or both.

“There are huge problems with pornography, child prostitution, trafficking but you have to respond to them in a sensible, measured and sober way. This is a kneejerk reaction to the problem,” said civil rights lawyer Rohan Edrisinha.

Recent crackdowns by police, critics note, have been focused on the burgeoning local pornography business and have left the international porn websites almost untouched. Some 300 local websites were shut down earlier in the year. Many featured very cheap films produced on mobile phones. Some footage was believed to have been shot without the knowledge of the subjects. However police respond that those who starred in the local films “acted completely against our laws and are therefore subject to punishment accordingly”.