Female pornographer lets slip a truth about the sex industry (and comes across as a ‘hater’)

A big part of my porn is the interview segments. A lot of people speak for sex workers in this country, but we seldom let them speak for themselves. And I think it’s important to let them speak, and to let them speak freely, in order to create this three-dimensional image. It’s still an image; I’m not claiming that this is the real person behind the porn star. They’re still performing for the camera. But I do think that it gives people a better sense of who they are as people, as three-dimensional human beings, rather than essentially what I would consider bad porn, which is porn that has sex robots, who arrive, and fuck and then depart, and you don’t know anything about them, or why they’re fucking, or what their deal is.

From an interview with Tristan Taormino (emphases mine) at Feministing (which I long ago removed from our blog role because of the uncritical pro-sex industry stance of its posts).

Two points to make here. Firstly, the interviews in porn films are often held up as ‘proof’ (especially with BDSM porn) that the women choose to be there, are having a great time, yadda yadda; but here we have a so-called ‘feminist’ pornographer* admitting that those are just another performance and not any real kind of truth!

Secondly, if we, as anti pornography feminists, referred to the women in porn as ‘sex robots’, we’d have a bunch of ‘sex positive’ ‘feminists’ accusing us of being ‘haters’, but apparently this kind of language is fine if it comes from a female pornographer.

* Taormino calls herself a feminist, so let’s ignore the fact that she has collaborated with completely main-stream pornographers, including John Stagliano, who is credited with starting the gonzo genre of pornography, that she filmed three ‘guides’ to anal sex for women, since apparently just one wasn’t enough to help men pressure their girl friends into it, and two films with ‘Rough Sex’ in the title.

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  1. Nine Deuce did an amazing post about feminist porn, you should check it out if you haven’t already.

    And yes, this so-called feminist porn looks EXACTLY the same as mainstream porn if you’ve ever seen it. Just the same old tired gender stereotypes regurgitated with a feminist label. Rough anal sex, facials, plastic surgery, etc… So maybe women do get off on something that practically looks like rape. If so many men are extremely aroused by gender stereotyping and societal norms of dominance, is it really that big a stretch to assume women get off on societal norms of submission? Why can’t there be a critique of how these rigid gender roles are harmful?

  2. But, but but that is precisely what the male buyers want when they buy their porn female sex robots who arrive, and fuck and then depart, and you don’t know anything about them, or why they’re fucking, or what their deal is.’ You said it Tristan Taormino not me and you should know since you are one of innumerable pornographers who earn vast sums exploiting women. Oh no not true Taormino you are assisting women to locate their ’empowerment’ are you not which is why you are obsessed with filming males anally penetrating women.

    Male buyers don’t want the women in porn to be ‘real women’ because it spoils male porners delusions that they alone exist and women aren’t human but are just men’s dehumanised sexualised service stations. This is despite fact women in porn are real and yes real women in porn are routinely subjected to male sexual violence but there I mustn’t spoil men’s illusions must I?

  3. truthvscompliance


    Not sure if you’ve seen this, but you should write something on it. Disturbing shit! It’s the “Hardcore” documentary by Stephen Walker. I just posted a write-up about it (for those who don’t want to see the images).

  4. Thanks for this truthvscompliance, we included a quote from the documentary maker in our fliers for the ‘bin the bunny’ campaigning, but I didn’t realise it was available on-line.

    Could you clarify please, the blogspot link you gave, is that your blog? It goes straight to the documentary, and doesn’t seem to have a link to any write-up.

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