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Porn, not actually very good for you

Article from New York Magazine here

Is it possible that porn is causing men to detach from their partners in more profound ways? […], scientists speculate that a dopamine-oxytocin combo is released in the brain during orgasm, acting as a “biochemical love potion,” as behavioral therapist Andrea Kuszewski calls it. It’s the reason after having sex with someone, you’re probably more inclined to form an emotional attachment. But you don’t have to actually have sex in order to get those neurotransmitters firing. When you watch porn, “you’re bonding with it,” Kuszewski says. “And those chemicals make you want to keep coming back to have that feeling.” Which allows men not only to get off on porn but to potentially develop a neurological attachment to it. They can, in essence, date porn.

As a result of the blending of reality and fantasy, some women have chosen to willingly play along by a new set of rules in order to keep their men interested: They’re intentionally impersonating porn stars. Sadie, the real-estate agent, says, “A lot of guys have come to expect P.S.E. [the “Porn-Star Experience”] as a common thing—snatches waxed bald, access to every hole—and plenty of women are more than happy to provide. A few might enjoy it, but for most it’s harrowing. I think there’s a fear that if they can’t make it happen, their boyfriend will retreat online.”

And so a conundrum emerges. Men, oversaturated by porn, secretly hunger for the variety that porn offers. Women, noticing a decline in their partners’ libidos, try to reenact the kinds of scenes that men watch on their computer screens. Men, as a result, get really freaked out. They don’t want their real women and their fantasy women to inhabit the same body.

Found via Reclusive Leftist ‘Looks like my generation may be the last to actually enjoy sex’

I feel so sorry for young women today, and I am so glad I’m not one of them. Christ, what a deal! “You can have all the sex you want, but: a) you’ll have to undergo painful waxing/implanting/plastiodeformation to be appealing to men; b) even so your boyfriend will still wish you were the girl in the porn video he imprinted on, and the whole time you’re doing it he’s going to be pretending you’re her; c) during sex you won’t get to actually have any kind of intimate emotional connection with your boyfriend, or indeed any kind of genuine passion at all, because you’ll be too busy acting out whatever is in the porn video; d) also you’ll have to perform whatever sexual practices are in porn even if they’re extremely painful and unpleasant and make you miserable BECAUSE PORN ROOLZ.”