Daily Archives: February 12th, 2011

QotD: “what porn is about”

From the skeptifem blog (found via the comment threads at I Blame the Patriarchy):

When I discuss pornography with its viewers and fans, there is a really obvious fundamental disconnect between us. The often cited definition of porn, in their view, is “pictures of people having sex, which they enjoy, that are enjoyable to look at”. I’ll call that the sexy-fun model of pornography for short. I don’t know how anyone could define pornography like that, especially considering stories like Nadya Suleman. She is the woman who gave birth to eight babies at once and had a lot of plastic surgery to try and resemble Angelina Jolie. Many people were outraged at her reproductive choice. She is in bad financial shape and some skeevy porn industry dude keeps trying to get her into porn. What is the demand behind this pornography? Why does this experienced porn producer think the porn will sell?

The answer is pretty damn obvious: people hate her, and feel that porn humiliation is a punishment that they would pay to see. It has nothing to do with being attracted to her or wanting nice pictures of sex- between calling her crazy and irresponsible there is a steady flow of insults calling her ugly on most news or blogs about Suleman. She is poor and a man is offering her lots of money to do pornography, offering more each time she turns him down instead of respecting her saying no. Now he is trying to buy her mortgage and shoot porn in her house, as a new way to try and coerce her into doing pornography. Instead of being more proof that pornography isn’t about the prostitutes having fun, it is a casual conversation in the national media. It is about her having to make a choice between having a place to live and having sex she really doesn’t want to have (if she did, I doubt that money would be needed at all, much less higher and higher monetary offers). Lets say a substantial number of people find her attractive and would like to have sexy fun with Suleman, despite the widespread ridicule of her appearance-the desperation for money would kinda get in the way of thinking that she is having any fun at all. She would be paid to fake it, and it should (in theory) bother the sexy-fun model believers a lot.