QotD: The Naked Truth

From Bidisha’s article, Pubic hair removal: The naked truth

If porn told you to jump off a cliff, would you do that too? Porn has introduced a new aesthetic – perhaps as a joke or momentary experiment – and women have responded with unquestioning servility and breezy abandon. At least now we can confront the naked truth about women’s submissiveness in all its stark, raw, bald reality.

Men in porn are often also fully waxed. You can see the spring branches of their willies and their little bobbling balls, outlined in their scrota like farm eggs in a chammy cloth. But men in the non-porn world are not dedicating themselves to full deforestation, writing about it in major publications as though it’s a serious consideration, or putting pressure on other men to do it. Men are not as cowed, self-hating, obedient or biddable as women in this regard. They are not going to make the effort to do anything to please a woman, at the cost of their own comfort. […] They are busy pursuing their own happiness, leaving women to fight through the thicket of their own Stockholm syndrome, perpetually pruning their pubic hair in a desperate bid to gain approval.

2 responses

  1. […] h/t Anglofille said @ 2:53 pm | feminism | Comments   […]

  2. Wow. Just wow. So true.

    Men get their ideas about women from porn. Women get their ideas about themselves from men.

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