Daily Archives: February 27th, 2011

“In which we betray our gender”

And in which a man really gets it which is nice:

But people can be weird, man. People — straight, male people, in particular — sure can have some strange misconceptions about how the world spins. Also, they are usually loud. Anyway, this cartoon will be of no help at all in changing our stupid, sexist culture of rape, murder, domination and bad tv — in fact, it hardly even qualifies as entertainment (although there is one kitten, scroll down to the bottom to skip straight to it!). But drawing this certainly made me feel better, so it made the cut. Don’t think I don’t know how I make you suffer, dear, patient reader!

(click on the image below twice to get it full size)

The comments on the original page are probably best avoided, unless you enjoy that kind of thing, and there are enough intelligent men and women there to make it amusing (also, an MRA going by the pseudonym ‘Gloria Steinem’!?!). This, particularly, from Mitchell Craig (about half way down the page), is one to remember and use:

One day, medical science will come up with a way to safely remove your head from your asshole. Until then, I will remember you in my prayers.

Found via Feminist Law Professors