QotD: “Dick-whipped”

From the side-bar of the A Radical Profeminist blog.

“Dick-whipped” is a term I created quite recently (1 March 2010ECD it made its first public appearance) that seems to be missing from radical discourse generally. I need it to describe het men who are so afraid of being rejected and ostracized by other dominant het men, that they come out as antifeminist, as homophobic, as racist, as classist and pro-status quo. They use anti-queer, anti-woman, racist language and other behaviors to shore up their status and standing among other dick-whipped men. Dick-whipped men use terms like “p*ssy-whipped” to put down men who have the courage to break ranks with the delusional, terrified dick-whipped masses of misogynist men. Dick-whipped men want to be “a member” in good “standing” in the White Brotherhood more than anything else.

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