Call out for help in LA

More and more billboards for adultcon are being put up around my neighborhood where families, schools and children are plus more on the fwys. I would appreciate help to get these taken down for starters. There is an adultcon thing going on at the LA convention center in the west hall B section on March 25, 26 and 27. On the Friday the 25, it starts at 4pm-10pm. On Saturday, the 26, it starts at 1-9pm. On Sunday, the 27, it is from 1pm-6pm. I am giving this information because I would like to protest at the location during the hours it is open. If others would like to join me that would be great. But back to the billboards. I want to see these taken down and having people help me complain to the billboard companies would a step in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate all and everyone’s help.

There are mainly two companies that I have found. One is Bulletin Displays. The president is Mark A. Kudler and his contact information is: NUMBER: (562) 470-6680 EXT.11 and his EMAIL is mark.k[at]

The vice president is Robert Kudler and his contact is: NUMBER: (562) 470-6680 EXT.12

I also have the contact for the Media buyer director in case some would like to contact by this route too. The director of media buying is Debra Pelfrey. The contact for her is (562) 500-7090 and her EMAIL is debra.p[at]

The second is CBS. Their general contact information is (415) 344-2000.

I am also giving the information to the LA convention center in case some would like to contact and question them for them having this exhibit. LA convention center contact information: NUMBER: (213) 741-1151 and the EMAIL is administration[at]

I would appreciate any help I can get. I am looking into protesting outside the convention center as well during their adultcon exhibit. I am looking into papers to hand out and just general verbal protest. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me. Emily Anderson. Contact information: EMAIL: mnmjoy87[at]

Thank you all for your support and help.
Emily Joy Anderson


2 responses

  1. Hi Emily,

    Let me first say THANK YOU for what you are doing on this site. I’ve just spent quite a bit of time reading your blogs, and I am just so impressed! I have felt the same way about porn and feminism for over two years now…but we are the minority…and I’m sad that it took me so long to find such an awesome site! So, thanks again for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. This stuff is dead on.

    But the REAL reason I’m posting, is because I was actually at the LA Adultcon last weekend, for a protest! I’m bummed that I didn’t find this blog before then…maybe we could have organized something. But I wanted to encourage you, and let you know that you DID have representation at that event.

    We, of course, were not met with much acceptance…but we certainly put our message out there! My boyfriend and I, along with 15 other guys held signs (“REAL MEN don’t exploit women”, etc.) and handed out fliers.

    (Btw…even though the event is over now, the billboards are still up. So I will be calling those numbers you put up. Thanks for doing all that research!)

    Keep on with the fight, girl! You are doing a great thing, and you DO have friends in this world (both women, and men), and we are rooting for you!

  2. Hi Ali,

    Your protest sounds great, and I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful. BTW, this isn’t actually Emily’s blog, she contacted us hoping to get more publicity for what she was doing in LA; we’re a London based group of women, so couldn’t offer much more than moral support and space on this blog.

    Best wishes,

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