Daily Archives: April 12th, 2011

“I was too weak to fight back because of how thin I was”

From: Anorexic women targeted by ‘super-skinny’ porn websites

Anorexia porn is growing in popularity and the prevalence of pro-anorexia websites is making those with eating disorders easy targets for grooming. Vulnerable users of pro-anorexia websites are increasingly being courted for their emaciated frames by pornography agencies specialising in images of extremely thin women.


The porn agencies’ websites have two roles. They sign up new clients and advertise images, films and escort-type services, such as body worshipping, fantasy role play and private photography sessions, for those “hooked on skinnies”. Some of this porn is free to access while other “professional” agencies charge a monthly membership fee for regularly updated sexually explicit images and videos of emaciated women. Agencies also host anorexia porn on YouTube and advertise on anorexia pornography forums.

These forums often offer advice on how to groom users of pro-anorexia websites into taking and sharing explicit photographs of themselves.

Ronny Bi, originally from China, now living in Canada, says she was held captive and forced into anorexia pornography after being tricked by someone she had been in contact with online. “He forced me to pose for photos both in revealing clothing and nude, it was sickening. I was too weak to fight back because of how thin I was. I was completely powerless.” Bi, who was held captive with another person with an eating disorder, was starved by her captor in order to make her as emaciated and marketable as possible.