Daily Archives: April 27th, 2011

PETA is at it again

PETA is at it again, using naked women to ‘promote’ vegetarianism. I find their campaigns, and their justifications totally disingenuous; in their reply to Leo Hickman’s piece in the Guardian today, they basically claim that anyone who’s against turning women into pieces of meat is a finger-wagging member of the Taliban who wants women to ‘behave’ (as if taking your clothes off isn’t doing exactly what men want – they’ve made the mistake of not realising that the ‘bad girl’ is just the flip side of the ‘good girl’ both are completely conforming, completely obedient). You see women choose to be objectified, so everything’s ok!

I’m willing to bet that, even though their campaigns may get a lot of attention, they haven’t converted a single man (and let’s face it, these adds are aimed at men) to vegetarianism; if anything, their indistinguishable-from-a-Hustler-cover, women-as-meat images, have only made meat-eating appear sexier.