The person dealing drugs has a finite amount of product to sell … but a girl is reusable

From the NY Times article, In Oakland, Redefining Sex Trade Workers as Abuse Victims, found via Feminist Law Professors.

Once viewed as criminals and dispatched to juvenile centers, where treatment was rare, sexually exploited youths are increasingly seen as victims of child abuse, with a new focus on early intervention and counseling. There is growing recognition that doctors can be first responders, intervening before long years of exploitation and abuse can take an even greater toll.


An estimated 100,000 to 300,000 American-born children are sold for sex each year. The escalating numbers have prompted national initiatives by the F.B.I. and other law enforcement agencies, and new or pending legislation in more than a dozen states, most recently Georgia, which enacted a toughened human trafficking law this month.

The important thing to notice yet again is that these children are not being abused in shadowy child prostitution rings, they are being pimped out through the same avenues used to pimp adult women, and the johns who abuse them are the same johns who pay to rape adult women.

The abusers may be pimps, even brothers, who recruit or kidnap girls from the streets and market them online through sites, where they are featured in pulsating ads for massage parlors, escort services, strip clubs, even acupuncturists.


They fall prey to abusers who are highly motivated: the Polaris Project, a national advocacy organization, estimates that a stable of four girls earns over $600,000 a year in tax-free income for the pimp. Drug dealers here are increasingly switching to prostitution, inspired by the bottom line and fewer risks.

“The person dealing drugs has a finite amount of product to sell,” said Jason Skrdlant, an officer with the Oakland Police Department’s vice and child exploitation unit. “But a girl is reusable.”


2 responses

  1. So in fact it is not ‘children’ who are being sold to innumerable Johns but girls. Note last paragraph of above wherein Jason Skrdlant, male officer (so that means his statement is true unlike feminists who consistently state it is girl children not boy children being sold to male rapists), said ‘…but a girl is reusable.’

    Note too how this article is gender neutral because it is ‘children’ not girl children who are the ones being sold into female sexual slavery. Furthermore female and even male children cannot be sold for ‘sex’ but they are certainly being sold for men to rape and sexually assault them. It is not ‘sex’ these male buyers are purchasing, but they are purchasing female human beings to use as disposable masturbatory aids and at the same time rape them. ‘Sex’ is not ‘sex’ when it is males buying female bodies to use as disposable toilets.

    Ah those poor men doubtless they would spontaneously combust if they were denied their male sex right (sic) to females of any age or ethnicity.

    Still never mind – girl children are products which can be consumed by men over and over until such time as the girl becomes used up and then she can be discarded because there’s always another disposable female child coming along the production line for men to sexually exploit and rape.

  2. Hecuba, you are correct to say that in the above article it is girls and women being abused, and that gender neutral language hides the gendered reality of sexual exploitation, but it is simply not true to say that men and boys are never sexually abused, in prostitution or elsewhere. There is an example here.

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