“You can have a good time with the servitude”

The title of this post comes from here, a brilliant, comprehensive, and maybe even hopeful article from Newsweek that examines a new piece of research from Melissa Farley (more on the research here and here), that looks at prostitution, pornography, johns, trafficking, changing legal responses, the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and shifting responsibility on to men. It is definitely worth reading in full.

Sex buyers in the study used significantly more pornography than nonbuyers, and three quarters of them said they received their sex education from pornography, compared with slightly more than half of the nonbuyers. “Over time, as a result of their prostitution and pornography use, sex buyers reported that their sexual preferences changed and they sought more sadomasochistic and anal sex,” the study reported.

“Prostitution can get you to think that things you may have done with a prostitute you should expect in a mutual loving relationship,” said one john who was interviewed. Such beliefs inspire anger toward other women if they don’t comply, impairing men’s ability to sustain relationships with nonprostitutes.

Sex buyers often prefer the license they have with prostitutes. “You’re the boss, the total boss,” said another john. “Even us normal guys want to say something and have it done no questions asked. No ‘I don’t feel like it.’ No ‘I’m tired.’ Unquestionable obedience. I mean that’s powerful. Power is like a drug.”

Many johns view their payment as giving them unfettered permission to degrade and assault women. “You get to treat a ho like a ho,” one john said. “You can find a ho for any type of need—slapping, choking, aggressive sex beyond what your girlfriend will do.”

Found via the comments thread here.

3 responses

  1. I was so happy to see that article in Newsweek, it’s always wonderful when the popular media shows the truth.

    Just don’t read through the comments on that post. It made me lose faith in humanity. I tried arguing but there’s just no arguing with rapists.

  2. I am so glad to see this reach such a mainstream source as Newsweek. I am so sick of the arguments that pornography is a safe outlet for harmless fantasies. This is real research that shows real numbers that suggest pornography is aggravating crimes against women.

  3. This research proves what radical feminists have been saying for decades – namely men want, demand and expect sexualised subordination from women. That is why men pay to rape women because these men want total sexual domination and control over what they perceive as dehumanised objects. Who are these objects? Why women and girls of course.

    Oh and by the way these innumerable ever increasing numbers of men are never, ever buying ‘sex’ they are serial rapists who think it is their inalienable right to buy female humans because we aren’t human are we? Those men who claim to be buying ‘sex’ aren’t they are buying female bodies to masturbate into/on; to rape and to subject to sexual sadistic violence because these men get a thrill from subjecting women to sadistic sexualised pain.

    As regards that John who claims women are ‘ho’s in fact he is the ‘ho’ since no woman ever was or ever will be a ‘ho’ but many men are ‘hos’ and the reason is because these men enact the same behaviour they claim women engage in.

    But there one’s big difference – men make the choice and men have the agency to enact their ‘choices’ but women do not have this ‘choice’ because we are all supposedly ‘sex’ unlike men who claim they are the default human.

    Also proves how easy it is for men to dehumanise women – they’ve been doing it for centuries and still this systemic male dehumanisation of women continues to be denied.

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