‘Protecting children’ – you’re doing it wrong

Not, strictly speaking, one for our ‘Anti-porn: you’re doing it wrong’ files, but I think it is important that, as anti-porn feminists and radical feminists, we emphasise that we do not condone this puritanical, reactionary, anti-sex bullshit, and that we do emphatically support comprehensive, age-appropriate sex and relationship education for all children.

I think parents have the absolute right to protect their children from this sort of education which is so unhelpfully obsessed with destroying childhood innocence, in a way that’s reminiscent of paedophilia. To me, anyone who wants to talk dirty to little children is a danger to them.”

These words, from the lips of “family values” campaigner Lynette Burrows, were broadcast last weekend as part of a pre-recorded video package on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live show to kick off a “debate” about sex education.

The comments were left unchallenged, and the show continued with a studio discussion in which Burrows was joined by a historian and a neoconservative lobbyist, rather than, say, a sex education professional or similar expert. The lack of a qualified speaker in the studio removed the possibility of any informed discussion, and things veered downhill from there.

Full article here.

One response

  1. Never mind this neatly keeps the focus off the malestreamining of pornography because teaching girl and boy children the real facts concerning sex and no it isn’t all about reproductive sex ensures the real issues remain hidden. Neither must we ignore fact not teaching girl and boy children age appropriate details concerning what supposedly passes for sexuality ensures that males continue to prey on girl children and no these males aren’t paedophiles – they are child rapists and to be located primarily within the so-called ‘traditional family unit.’

    Lynette Burrows obviously doesn’t walk into any newsagent or even visit a local supermarket because malestream porn is everywhere and girls as young as 4 years of age are seeing porn. Likewise boys younger than 5 are being socialised into believing women and girls really look like the pornified images contained in those porn magazines such as Nuts, Zoo and FHM. Then there’s the constant barrage of misogynist sexualised insults men hurl at women and all of this is being seen and heard by girl and boy children. How? Well television and of course mobile phones enable porn to be streamed to the owner. But then Lynette Burrows is not concerned about the harm our pornified society is doing to young girls and boys instead she is more concerned with keeping girl children in particular in ignorance and the male sexual predators like that because this makes their task of sexually exploiting girls so much easier.

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