Daily Archives: January 15th, 2012

Ditching Dieting Campaign

From the Ditching Dieting Campaign website

Endangered Bodies is a global and local initiative to fight the culture of body anxiety, body hatred and fear that is pervading all parts of our society.

This month we are starting a campaign to expose the role of the diet industry in de-stabilising women and girls’ appetites and desires. We believe that eating disorders and the so-called ‘obesity epidemic’ are merely more visible extremes of a much bigger, everyday phenomena: that we are accepting fear and hatred of our own bodies like gravity, that we are accepting ‘I am not good enough’ as a fact.

In the past weeks we have once again been swamped with headlines announcing an obesity crisis and we have seen news stories with the message that children may be taken away from their parents if the kids’ BMIs are deemed offensive or threatening. This ‘crisis’ is constructed from research funded by the industries that can make money from it, such as pharmaceutical and diet industries.


Porcupine: new anti-porn resource for young people

A new group called The Porcupine Campaign has started to help young people challenge porn culture.

The name ‘porcupine’ comes from the phrase “porn is a prickly issue”, which I think is brilliant and inventive! If you are on Facebook, go and like them; this is an important campaign, as young people particularly (and young men especially) are very likely to feel isolated and afraid of social ostracism if they speak up about there concerns over pornography. Peer pressure is so strong at that age, and as Porcupine’s accompanying website Pleasure Vs Profit says, “the porn industry manipulates a natural curiosity about sex to sell a narrow, joyless and harmful version of sexuality.” Young people really, urgently need and deserve better.