Daily Archives: January 18th, 2012

“Footage the porn industry doesn’t want you to see”

I really was in two minds about putting up this YouTube video (found via The Porcupine Campaign) as it is so shocking and disturbing to watch. To be absolutely on the safe side, I am putting it below the fold, and giving a very clear warning:


Obviously, it is also not safe for work.

I think it’s important to show this video, as it shows the ‘working’ conditions in the mainstream of the LA porn industry. This is not something hidden away where nobody knows about it, this is the norm of a massive global industry producing the mainstream of heterosexual pornography. Sex industry advocates like to pretend that it’s just the occasional ‘bad apple’, and any way, any abuse that does occur is no different to any other workplace exploitation, this video shows that it isn’t.

It also needs to be emphasised that, with out such abusive ‘work place’ conditions, it would be impossible to make mainstream heterosexual pornography. Such pornography is the record of abuse, the fact that the woman gets paid for it at the end is irrelevant.


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