We live in a rape culture (part 3 of infinity)

Unilad.com, a British site for male students, has temporarily shut down after publishing a piece that encouraged rape. “If the girl you’ve taken for a drink… won’t spread for your head, think about this mathematical statistic,” they wrote, “85% of rape cases go unreported. That seems to be fairly good odds.” Under the subsequent apology (“We took things too far”) some of the site’s 8,000 daily visitors left their own comments. “Nobody minds a bit of casual rape banter,” wrote Daena. “Rape only happens because lasses can’t handle the banter,” said Adam. “[This apology is] Proof women don’t understand freedom of speech and banter,” added Andy.

From Eva Wiseman in today’s Observer, who also says:

I wasn’t shocked by the Uni Lad piece – not as shocked as many of the men I know, who reeled with offence. I was offended by their insistence it was comedy (no), sure, but I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t shocked because this is what the internet looks like, often. Online, especially, say, under a comedy YouTube video, or comment piece about street harassment, Uni Lad-style banter thrives. I wasn’t shocked, but I was oddly troubled – it made me think about how confusing it must be to be an 18-year-old boy, frantically trying to stay afloat in a lido of banter, where everything’s a laugh and what you say is hardly ever what you think, reasserting your sexuality every 10 minutes as if refreshing a screen.


2 responses

  1. It’s funny how their comedy isn’t funny. Why do I get the feeling if you a joke insulting their manhood or jokingly implied they were useless they’d sulk. We do understand freedom of speech we are using ours, they forget that women have this right. Me thinks they need to brush up on their knowledge of freedom of speech, if you don’t mind me saying-dissent is a b***h.

  2. Is it not strange that ‘male on male banter’ is not perceived as ‘banter’ because mainstream media engaged in sensationalist coverage concerning two male footballers one of whom was alleged to have ‘subjected another male footballer to racist insults.’ But, but was this not ‘male banter’ rather than ‘racism.’ Oh but I forget racism is real whereas male hatred/male contempt for women is just ‘male banter’ and given men do not consider women to be human therefore female humans cannot be subjected to male hatred/male contempt because we aren’t human are we?

    I wonder why we have laws covering the issue of male sexual harassment of women within the workplace given men can continue as always to subject women and girls to ‘male banter’ – meaning of course systemic male hatred/male contempt for females anywhere else apart from the workplace. Why is the workplace deemed the only place wherein misogyny is illegal? Why oh why is homophobia a crime – after all it is just ‘banter’ is it not and words can never ever harm anyone can they? Not according to Eve Wiseman who parrots male apologism and male denial. But male supremacist system has never been logical because it continues to claim only if an issue negatively affects men does it magically become a real issue and/or real event.

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