PETA hits another low

I can’t say “a new low”, because they already hit rock bottom with their PETA porn channel, where they planned to intercut pornography with images of animal cruelty.

Their new campaign aims to make veganism ‘sexy’ by suggesting that a vegan man will be able to “bring it like a tantric porn star”. Their video shows a woman limping and wearing a neck brace, plus leaving the house in just her underwear and a (short) coat, implying she’s been left too dazed to get dressed properly.

The tag line is “BWVAKTBOOM” – “boyfriend went vegan and knocked the bottom out of me.”

They’re not just showing a woman dazed and injured by sex, they’re showing that she likes being injured by sex; once she’s back in their flat, she throws a bag of groceries at him with a ‘sexy’ smile on her face, implying she can’t wait for him to injure her some more.

The voice-over at the end invites the viewer to visit a website in order to get info on how to go vegan ‘safely’ (I had a look, it’s more pornified shit – eg wear goggles so you don’t get cum in your eye!).

The campaign is doubly offensive, first of all trivialising sexual violence, and secondly implying that women enjoy being injured by sex really (the woman’s ‘sexy’ smile will be remembered more than the male voice over about ‘safety’).

We know why PETA does this, it generates ‘controversy’ it gets them attention and it gets them donations – who cares if not one single person is converted to vegetarianism/veganism?

As an interesting aside, this new campaign is up on PETA’s international website, but no mention of it on their UK website. Could this have something to do with the ASA’s (Advertising Standards Authority’s) new powers to cover on-line material? It could easily be classed as an advert for veganism.

PS: I’m not going to link to any of this crap, you can find it easily if you want to.

6 responses

  1. Bedelia Bloodyknuckle

    I hate PETA…….

  2. So do I, and so does anyone with an ounce of common sense.

    The real question is, who keeps giving them money to carry on doing this?

  3. The visceral misogyny and implied brutal and sadistic, phallic assault of the above PETA campaign just makes my blood run ice cold.

    Why one has to ask does PETA continuously use/target women as objects of hatred and degradation whilst catering exclusively to men’s titillation and egos? I doubt very much PETA will convert men (evidently their target audience) to veganism, but they will certainly continue to contribute to the patriarchal societal/cultural belief system and media imagery that women exist to be ”consumed” by men.

    There is far more to this vile, female-hating organization than meets the eye, and yes, it does indeed make me wonder as well who their main financial backers/donators are?

    PETA has a very specific political agenda alright and it has nothing to do with giving a damn about animals as sentient beings. This is a highly suspect organization to say the least.

  4. As a feminist and a vegan, I feel like there is something of a discriminatory undertone to your post as well. You mention the word “vegan” a lot and “converting” as though a) vegans were actually likely to have made this film and b) we’re some kind of cult. VEGANS are not to blame for this. Misogyny and abuse is not vegan. No vegan (or anyone else) I know who’s heard of this thinks that this advert is acceptable. It wouldn’t have been vegans who made this advert. When a person initially becomes interested in animal welfare, the first place they go is Peta, because that’s who they’ve heard of due to their “any publicity’s good publicity” tactics. Peta appears to be full of inexperienced campaigners (and staff) – not usually vegans yet – who then move on to respectable organisations (like Viva, Animal Aid) when their awareness of everything grows. Also, most of their supporters and campaigners are not even vegetarian.

    Peta is a huge organisation, with vast websites, who speak out against many different incidents of animal cruelty. They send out letters describing specific horrifying problems to get donations. The people who give send them money will only know of the campaign described in the letter, and doesn’t occur to them that this money might not be directly going towards stopping this particular abuse. They won’t know of everything else Peta does, good or bad. Even strong “armchair activists” won’t have seen half the content of the enormous websites. So in short, the vast majority their supporters aren’t even aware of misogyny, and various other questionable tactics. Peta campaigns against waaay too many things at once, without ever tackling the root cause of the problems. It achieves publicity for problems, but rarely gets rid of them.

    The abuse and objectification of women in porn contributes to a widespread psychological hardening to the suffering of the vulnerable. It also keeps people oblivious about the financial systems that cause harm and limit progress. They are so enamoured by porn that they are unable to be aware of the suffering and think of the production processes. It’s the same with animal abuse being so deeply, unnaturally ingrained into our lives that animals are reduced to nothing more than zombified zoobots. So Peta’s porn use is actually contributing to damaging animal welfare at the most fundamental level. The public are always desperate to attack, de-legitimise and belittle animal welfare and it’s campaigners; Peta’s lack of credibility just gives them ammunition. It also give people an excuse to not believe the abuse they – and credible charities – expose.

    This blog entry isn’t a direct attack on veganism but it still makes me uneasy. I sense from you a feeling of gleeful outrage that (what you think is) a vegan-promoting organisation is behaving badly towards women. I sense subconcious hatred and anti-veganism.

    It is not vegan to harm any species, including female humans. Vegans are kind, sensitive people who strive to reduce suffering, and are very enlightened to all forms of even the most subconscious abuse and discrimination. Most are therefore feminist. The ones who aren’t are feminists in the making! I’ve been vegan for nearly 6 years (I’m now 20) and only recently become involved in feminism, because awareness and knowledge don’t come overnight. It builds gradually. It’s not helpful to attack those who are still developing it.

    While an advert like that (and it’s producers) can always rightly expect criticism, you should have written your article better. It isn’t constructive to push away vegans. “Vegan” and “Peta” are NOT interchangeable terms. Or even to attack Peta, and therefore its donators, most of whom are only guilty of innocent ignorance. You could be pushing away those who would be highly likely to agree with you and want to help, if they didn’t *feel like* (I know you probably didn’t mean to) you were attacking them and the cause.

    PS – they should have made an ad about the medical FACTS that eating a natural plant-based diet reduces penis and erectile problems. That surely couldn’t have been against any advertising standards.

  5. Squishy,

    You obviously disapprove of PETA, and of pornography, so I don’t know why you think it is useful to spend your time attacking me.

    I used the word ‘vegan’ “a lot” (all of six times in a 300+ word post) because the PETA add I was responding to was one for veganism. I used the word ‘converting’ because it is the appropriate word to use, I would just as easily talk about ‘converting’ to feminism – your accusation that I think veganism is a cult is a complete over reaction.

    Nowhere have I ‘blamed’ vegans for this add, I have blamed and do blame PETA. You seem to be clutching at straws in order to pick a fight with me, why you feel the need to pick a fight with me I do not know.

    I think you are being very naive to claim that PETA supporters don’t know about PETA’s misogynistic tactics, PETA gets in the mainstream press several times a year due to their attention seeking, misogynistic tactics, only a hermit could be unaware of their modus operandi – why do all the PETA supporters get the benefit of the doubt while you attack me?

    “The public are always desperate to attack, de-legitimise and belittle animal welfare and it’s campaigners; Peta’s lack of credibility just gives them ammunition. It also give people an excuse to not believe the abuse they – and credible charities – expose.”

    Take it up with PETA, I am not against veganism, or animal welfare in general.

    “I sense subconcious hatred and anti-veganism.”

    Well your senses are wrong. The majority of the women who have ever been involved with APL are vegetarian or vegan, and we all care about animal welfare, and understand the parallels between the objectification and abuse of women and the objectification and abuse of animals and the environment. Again, I do not understand what you think you are achieving by leaving such an abusive comment here, your ire would be much better spent on PETA and its supporters.

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