QotD: Violet Socks on prostitution

From: I think we need to have a talk about patriarchy.

We need to talk about patriarchy. Seriously. Beyond the rage, beyond the frustration and the desire to smack some misogynist freaks upside the head, I think we need to have some old school feminist discussion here.

What we do not need is to kid ourselves that this stuff happens because people are “squeamish” about sex, and that the solution is for people to get more “comfortable with the whims of whatever sits between [their] legs,” as the misguided writer at Jezebel would have it.

Prostitution is not about being hung up on sex, any more than slavery in the Saharan salt mines was about being hung up on sodium chloride. Prostitution is about the reification of women—which is to say, the conceptual transformation of women into sexual property to be bought and sold. And that reification is the very cornerstone of patriarchy.

I think I feel a massive theory fit coming on. Especially after the past few months, with the conservatives in this country asserting that unmarried women who have sex are public sluts; asserting that men have the right to control, withhold, arbitrate, and demand sex tapes in exchange for women’s access to contraception as part of their own medical insurance; asserting that any woman who has ever had consensual sex is fair game for whatever object the State might want to stick up her vagina and whatever humiliation the State might want to impose.


One response

  1. Hmm but who precisely are the ones ‘transforming women into sexual property to be bought and sold.’ Who precisely are the ones purchasing women as ‘sexual property.’ No guesses folks because – answer is men. Yes folks Patriarchy does not exist all on its own because ‘Patriarchy’ is not a person but a system created by men for men’s benefit and to justify/perpetuate men’s domination and control over women.

    By the way – let’s focus on how and why it is okay for men to engage in sexual promiscuity and not have their sexual proclivities challenged or questioned. After all I doubt very much women are engaging in ‘sexual activity’ all by themselves – or are they? Apparently they are if one believes the lies men tell women.

    Men who engage in sexual activity outside of marriage are indeed ‘public sluts’ because according to their illogic it is the penis which makes the woman a ‘slut’ and therefore since the penis is not separate from the male body therefore the male is the one who is the slut – not the woman.

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