Trafficking still not a myth, Spanish edition

From In Spain, Women Enslaved by a Boom in Brothel Tourism,
found via Reclusive Leftist

While the rest of Spain’s economy may be struggling, experts say that prostitution — almost all of it involving the ruthless trafficking of foreign women — is booming, exploding into public view in small towns and big cities. The police recently rescued a 19-year-old Romanian woman from traffickers who had tattooed on her wrist a bar code and the amount she still owed them: more than $2,500.


One response

  1. Yep prostitution – aka men’s sexual enslavement of women is booming because men need a constant fresh supply of disposable women for them to rape and commit sadistic sexual violence. Wonder why unemployed men are not rushing to become men’s dehumanised sexual service stations? Can’t be due to lack of pay – because after all prostitution is just a ‘job’ is it not – that is if one believes the lies prostitution industry constantly promotes. No real reason is because men know becoming a dehumanised sexual service station wherein it is the male buyer who is the one with agency and choice, is not the job for men.

    But women – well we aren’t human because we only supposedly exist to sexually serve men and if a woman is trafficked into female sexual slavery then that is her fault not men’s demand for fresh female bodies they can rape and sexually torture.

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