“Myths That Make It Hard To Stop Campus Rape”

There’s a common assumption about men who commit sexual assault on a college campus: That they made a one-time, bad decision. But psychologist David Lisak says this assumption is wrong —-and dangerously so.

Lisak started with a simple observation. Most of what we know about men who commit rape comes from studying the ones who are in prison. But most rapes are never reported or prosecuted. So Lisak, at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, set out to find and interview men he calls “undetected rapists.” Those are men who’ve committed sexual assault, but have never been charged or convicted.

He found them by, over a 20-year period, asking some 2,000 men in college questions like this: “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with someone, even though they did not want to, because they were too intoxicated [on alcohol or drugs] to resist your sexual advances?”

Or: “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with an adult when they didn’t want to because you used physical force [twisting their arm, holding them down, etc.] if they didn’t cooperate?”

About 1 in 16 men answered “yes” to these or similar questions.

Full article here, found via The Unsexy Feminist.

One response

  1. Lisak’s research proves yet again that most men who commit sexual violence against women do not believe they have committed sexual violence but merely enacted their male pseudo right of sexual access to any female. After all women and girls are always in a constant state of ‘sexual consent’ are they not? The male supremacist legal system goes to great lengths to maintain this lie because it is essential men’s pseudo right of sexual access to females must never be challenged or even eliminated. After all men will spontaneously combust if they are not allowed/permitted to have sexual access to females!!

    That is why if a male sexually attacks/preys on an intoxicated female – she not the male sexual predator is to blame. After all men have the pseudo right do they not?? No they don’t but male supremacist system maintains male sexual domination over women is a man’s right. Then there are the sexual scripts/sexual roles men learn as boys – the ones wherein males learn it is their right to use pressure/coercion/force/blackmail and not forgetting the most common justification – ignoring the female’s refusal/lack of enthusiasm because males are constantly told it is their right to have sexual access to any female and if she is ‘reluctant’ well the male should ignore her reluctance and continue to force himself on her sexually. After all men always know what women and girls want sexually because women and girls only exist to be males’ disposable sexual service stations.

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