QotD: “Empathy”

From Sinfest (click through for a better quality image).

I used to read this comic about a decade ago, and stopped for no particular reason I can remember. Characters seem to have changed, and there are new ones in ongoing story arcs I’m not familiar with, but I don’t remember it being so feminist!

Try also:

One Shade of Grey
The Sexist Jerk Factory
Dudebro Factory
Mad Libs 9
Virgin/Whore (definitely this one!)
Chance To Look Good
Fun Masculism

(I haven’t re/read the whole archives so make no guarantees about every strip!)

EDIT to add:

Mental Gymnastics
Contract and Contract 2

4 responses

  1. love this. how encouraging. thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on Easilyriled's Blog and commented:
    from sinfest, via Anti-Porn Feminists

  3. Yup, I discovered Sinfest recently and went back when I had the time to see when it went from typical patriarchy to attempts at feminism, the flip is great, especially when the feminist crew comes in. It’s definitely not full rad fem (definitely not before and still not now), but it’s great for what it is in introducing some of the ideas. Thanks for those other links, looking forward to checking them out!

  4. Hi LKalï,

    He’s pretty damn good, and is definitely part of what I think of as ‘a very small gallery’ of men who get it.

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