“Prostitution is capitalism-induced rape”

The institution of prostitution functions only because capitalism forces people to have sex or be homeless, hungry, or go through withdrawals. For 90-95% of prostituted women, this is rape. I’m not comparing it to rape, it is rape.

Who is the one actually disregarding experiences here? You just called the experiences of 95% of prostituted women unrealistic, and you defend the systems that oppress them.

This isn’t just a case of a job being a good fit for someone like a cashier, this is 95% of women experiencing prostitution as capitalism-induced rape and 5% not experiencing it that way. This is what individualism does to you, you completely ignore the social reality of prostitution because it is empowering for you.

Empowerment used to be a collective term, it was something that increased the power and stature of all people. Neoliberal marketing played a huge role in this to get the ex-hippies into corporate jobs and get them back into the system. Their advertising shifted to pound this message into people’s brains: Empowerment is about a personal car, speakers, a good job, and 2 kids. Empowerment is personal wealth. Empowerment is collaboration.

I’m really sorry you feel like your story, as one of the 5% of prostitutes who isn’t forced to be raped by capitalism, is getting ignored. The very fact that you consider the experiences of everyone else to be “unrealistic” shows just how silenced these women are. Their stories aren’t posted on tumblr, the sex-poz blogs, or even mainstream feminist websites. Its the stories of people like you, the ones who are privileged enough to be able to get their voice out, that people hear. I’ll stand on the side of the oppressed and exploited, especially when they outnumber people like you by such a huge amount.

From Malheureuxmarxist

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