I can haz trolls

I really do hope this is a troll, who thought they could trick me into letting that racist shit through by posing as a rape survivor (hey, maybe it’s one of Kitty Strykers friends trying to ‘prove’ her right!), as that’s easier to handle than the idea that a woman who really is a rape survivor, who can genuinely see the problems with ‘sex positive’ ‘feminism’, can also be so hatefully, ignorantly racist. (if it was just the first two comments alone (they go from bottom to top in chronological order), I might have given them the benefit of the doubt and tried to engage them in conversation, but the third comment is so rabid, I find it difficult to believe it comes from a genuine source – if I’m alienating white supremacists, then good, I want them as far away from me as possible, they are not, and cannot ever be, ‘allies’.)

The word ‘intersectionality’ * has been degraded by third wave feminists so as to be almost meaningless (what it’s used to do is argue that there is no social class ‘woman’, and that our experiences are so diverse there is no possibility of understanding or organising as a class – so that third wave feminism becomes about anything and everything except women as women), but the root concept is still useful. Rape isn’t ‘worse’ if it happens to a black woman or to a white woman, this isn’t me playing ‘Oppression Olympics’, but understanding that women who are not white, middle-class and able-bodied (which includes poor white women too btw) face extra burdens, burdens that make them more vulnerable to exploitation and violence, and less able to seek redress.

Also, for the record, porn is deliberately, explicitly racist. It plays on all the negative racial stereotypes of women (black women as animalistic, Latina women as undocumented workers, Asian women as ‘China dolls’) and of men (‘big black men’ raping ‘tiny white women’), (white) men get off on the affirmation of their racial superiority almost as much as they get off on the affirmation of their sexual superiority.

* Funnily enough, I was just reading up on this very subject at RANCOM! – I’ll post it as a quote of the day some time soom.

5 responses

  1. Wow, that first comment was so amazing that we were both laughing out loud. “White people don’t care”… Heh. He’s the spokesperson for all white people everywhere, I guess.

  2. Not JUST plain ol’ normal racist… but SEXIST tooooo!!!1111!!!1!
    lol. Asshats.

  3. (Asshats being so think in the male anarchy crowd is interesting…I think they are secret racists, personally, cause they treat WOC to be fuuuuuuuu-ed up/derailed…it won’t be. 🙂

  4. Yea, sadly, despite their supposed commitment to social justice, Anarchists aren’t any more respectful of others than anybody else. I had to leave the only political board I used to go to because they berated feminism, and I just got sick of it.

  5. I suspect manarchists are much like MRAs in general, they exist mostly on-line. Out in the real world, people who want to organise horizontally rather than vertically (which is anarchism at its most basic) are getting on with running housing co-ops and food co-ops etc – it’s when anarchism crosses over with post-modernism and/or selfish individualism that you start getting problems.

    Also, anarchism is such a loose concept, you can append it to anything; anarcho-capitalism is a thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarcho-capitalism

    This group has had some real world run-ins with manarchists though:


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