“Remember, if the liberal peen is keen, the result can only demean”

IBTP has written about Pussy Riot as well recently. I’m not going to quote from the main piece, but from her comment at 2.43pm, August 24 (can’t seem to link directly):

Well, they’re sex slaves in the sense that they’re affiliated with some pretty godawful pornwrecked dudes. I hope you didn’t, because it will have scarred you for life, but did you happen to see the photograph of rioter Nadezhda Tolokonnikova getting reamed in the ass by her charming Voina husband, while nine months pregnant, in a public museum? I don’t know if the Voina stunt with the dead chicken and the “vacuous cunt” involved a member of Pussy Riot, but that image is one of the most disturbing, misogynist things I have ever seen. I would give a week’s worth of tacos to unsee that shit.

Real liberation from oppression cannot obtain without feminist revolt, and feminist revolt cannot occur while the militants are literally and publicly butt-fucked by liberal dudes and calling it activism.


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  1. “if the liberal peen is keen, the result can only demean”
    I think that’s a good rule of thumb. If men in general like some supposed feminist idea or activity, it’s probably not feminist.

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