It had to happen eventually

This blog got a visit yesterday via the search engine term “women in awkward positions porn” – I rest my case.


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  1. That’s nothing, ‘vajazzle porn’ is the 2nd most searched for term on our blog. ‘Chicken egg porn’ is another surprisingly popular one.

  2. Oh yes, I know what you mean! (You didn’t actually link to your blog, but please feel free to do so.)

    I’ve been collecting a list of ‘worst search engine terms’ since October 2009, starting with ‘”strangled with her bra” cunt’, and including many terms more disgusting than that, enough so to make me hesitant to ever publish the list.

    I’ve stopped counting the ‘very young girls porn’ type entries, it has to be something like ‘very very little young girl porn’ to get on the list (that’s a real example). Two search engine terms today: ‘snuff film real footage’ and ‘showing pussy closely pictures’, just aren’t worth including.

    I mentioned the above term because it referenced a previous post, and helps prove I wasn’t just making things up about the reasons men consume pornography

  3. Sorry, yes, it’s

    Definitely can’t compete with you on disturbingly misogynist search terms (although I must give “girl plays flute with vagina” an honorable mention for wierdness.) I think the main thing I’ve learnt is that some men can pornify absolutely anything women/girls do from the moment we’re born. As I type, some bloke somewhere is googling “feminist anti-porn blogger porno”…

    Love your blog by the way, thank you for keeping it up!

  4. Thanks for the link, and the encouraging words!

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