Daily Archives: November 1st, 2012

Very good points

How did whoever invented the term “slut-shaming” not see how problematic it was within two seconds of thinking it up?

You’re against the shaming of women who fail to meet patriarchal standards for appropriately chaste sexual behavior and you want to invent a term for it so you pick one that… calls them sluts while you’re condemning the shaming?


That is a really good point. We need to invent a new term for it because it is a major problem.

Any ideas people?

Hard to say exactly since “slut-shaming” like these other trendy new words, keeps expanding in its scope. I keep seeing it used in contexts where really it makes no sense at all.

In situations where someone at school or work is being harassed for sexual reasons, sexual harassment should cover it.

In situations where someone is saying a victim is to blame because of their past or what they were wearing, victim-blaming is accurate.

In general it’s such a juvenile sounding term, it automatically undermines the point anyone is trying to make with it when they move outside online and youth social justice type circles. Can you imagine saying to like, a group of scientists at the CDC “yeah but your advisory is like, slut-shamey tbh”? If you mean to say it “unfairly stigmatizes promiscuity” then say that. If it has nothing to do with promiscuity, maybe un-lazy for once, social justice bloggers, and spell out what it IS about.