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QotD: “TW: rape culture”

Any person with able eyes and ears (and who is not in denial) can clearly identify that pornography is misogynistic and racist.

“Hot Ebony Slut Gags On Cock,” or “Asian Slut Gets Taught A Lesson” isn’t a convincing representation of “sex positive,” “female friendly” sexuality.

It’s hateful and disturbing that women (particularly women of color) are depicted as body bags that men can use however they please, no matter how painful or dangerous. The idea is fed that the female participant(s) involved will always enjoy anything that is done to them, no matter how physically testing and/or afflicting the act is.

For those women who do enjoy it, who may masturbate or get aroused by it, their collusion, cooperation and/or active participation in pornography that fetishizes male violence, doesn’t suddenly become excusable because of their sex or gender. Being female and enjoying sexualized male dominance and aggression, doesn’t suddenly stop it from being a reinforcer of patriarchal values. Sex, sexuality and how its perceived does not function in a vacuum, isolated from misogyny, gender roles and gender stereotypes. Pornography isn’t a medium exempt from criticism just because millions of people depend on it as visual stimuli (a growing portion of which are female).

Pornography has been and still is extremely sexist and racist. So pro-porn, white libfems who think that it’s liberating, need to snap out of it and realize that sexually liberating minorities in a capitalistic, white supremacist, patriarchal framework is a gross sign of privilege.

Stop supporting a billion dollar industry where rape becomes sexy, male dominance is seen as edgy, progressive and avant garde, female pain is hot, asian women are reduced down to racist-sexist tropes of submissiveness, blacks and latinas are portrayed as having animalistic sexualities that need to be controlled and black men are portrayed so that they feed into racist views of hyper-potency and feral sex drives.

Out of all mediums, pornography has to be at the top of the list when it comes to teaching rape culture myths.

Stop justifying representations of abuse and aggression against women.

Even if you won’t stop watching pornography, at least acknowledge that its default goal is to primarily please privileged male consumers. As such, said privilege will always allow for the culture’s misogyny to seep into different mediums, pornography not excluded from this influence.

From GynocraticGrrl