QotD: “hey guys, remember this”

From Fuck Yeah Kink Shaming

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  1. I don’t get this one. What’s the trouble? People have sexual attraction for farm animals and even inanimate objects. It’s the action that’s troubling, not the attraction.

  2. The problem is that dressing up child sexual abuse in fancy terms makes it easier to legitimise it. (I actually have a qotd on this from the same blog lined up) calling child rapists peadophiles or ephebophiles or claiming it’s just another sexual orientation like being gay, lets abusers off the hook – if it’s their set-in-stone orientation, then they can’t help it can they, it’s not their fault.

    The problem is that legitimising the ‘attraction’ under the ‘sex positive’ banner, makes the ‘actions’ easier.

    Also, from the quote, you can’t just say they’re only talking about ‘attraction’ rather than ‘action’, there are sex pozzers arguing that bestiality is ok because animals are “mentally and physically ready” for it, there are sex pozzers and child rape apologists who use terms like ‘coercive child rape’ – implying that there is sex with children that isn’t coercive.

    The ‘Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health’ is a trying to make itself look like a legitimate medical/academic institution while it furthers the interests of the sex industry.

    Allowing the sex industry to influence sex education is like allowing the fast food industry to influence nutritional guidelines, it obviously doesn’t work.

  3. Don’t forget, as well, there are lots of people who consider viewing pornography to not be an ‘action’ on their part, even if the porn is the recording of a real rape (‘real’ as in not on a recognised porn set).

    There may well be any number of men (and let’s be honest, it is going to be men in the vast majority of cases) who feel ‘attractions’ but don’t act on them, and instead seek professional help (but I don’t think treating child rape as a mental illness helps much either, as it lets abusers off the hook, and treats it as an individual pathology, rather than seeing it as part of a culture where abuse is the norm, and only criminalised in certain circumstances) – but if, instead, they find an online ‘sex positive’ culture that tells them they shouldn’t be ‘shamed’ for their ‘attractions’ and that their ‘attractions’ are legitimate, and they may even be ok acting on them under certain circumstances, they are more likely to become actual abusers.

    The idea that certain types of abuse are only ‘fantasy’ is constantly being used to defend pornography; no radical feminist can afford to pretend that hatred of women and children, or sexual sadism, exists only inside men’s heads.

  4. Yes, very good points. It seems like people are trying to use the word “ephebophilia” and “it’s just like Ancient Greece!” to justify it, in sortof a reverse cultural relativism. Ancient Greeks also treated women like shit and gave Socrates the death penalty, so I don’t know why they’re supposed to be a paragon of democracy or culture or whatever shit people come up with.

  5. […] as with paedophilia, the internet plays a large part in legitimising and supporting such […]

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