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This is what my Stats page is showing me right now …

… I’d love to know whose Facebook page everyone is visiting from!

(I’m categorising this as ‘bin the bunny’ since the link is to the Playboy Quiz page)

QotD: “prostitution is seen to exist because the woman wills it”

The state creates the conditions in which the woman is prostituted, sanctions force against her to effect her prostitution by systematically ignoring it, creates the economic conditions that mandate her prostitution, fixes her social place so that her sex is a commodity; and then, prostitution is seen to exist because the woman wills it and the political question is whether or not the state should interfere with this expression of her will. What is seen as the eternal dimension of prostitution – why it must always exist – is that the will of women to prostitute themselves will always exist. This means, simply, that men accept that the conditions that create prostitution are acceptable, fixed, and appropriate because prostitution is a proper use of women, one congruent with what women are. The harm done is when she carries disease. Wherever prostitution is legal and regulated, it is usually to control disease, to protect men from disease; the woman is the instrument by which harm comes to the man.

Andrea Dworkin, Right-Wing Women

Via the End Porn tumblr