QotD: Pornsick

From today’s PostSecret

It’s the selfishness and the casualness of this man’s behavior that is so shocking (or, rather, would be shocking if we lived in a half-way decent society), he knows his wife would feel betrayed (read: violated, humiliated, horrified, and quite likely terrified too, as he now has images he can use to bully and blackmail her with if their relationship ever goes sour, and given what a shit he is at the moment, that doesn’t seem too unlikely), but he does it anyway, because it produces great porn.

I don’t know what exactly he means by saying he sees his wife “in a whole different way now.” This statement seems to be given as justification for his behaviour; now he’s turned his wife into porn, he can find her sexxxy, so he is justified in his duplicitous behaviour. Maybe their sex life didn’t ‘work’ for him before? Maybe he saw his wife as too much of a full human being, and that got in the way of him getting off? But now he’s reduced her to porn, turned her into a ‘whore’ (remember, the root meaning of pornography is writing about the lowest class of prostitutes), he finds it easier and more enjoyable to fuck her.

2 responses

  1. Actually this male is the ‘whore’ if we believe ‘whores’ exist, because he is so obsessed with constantly gratifying his male sexual pleasure he had to film himself as he sexually exploited his female partner for his selfish sexual gratification. Male Supremacy always reverses the truth and claims men are not the ones who are the ‘sluts and whores’ but rather women and girls are.

    Men always claim it is their innate pseudo male right to have sexual access to female bodies as and when they demand and that to me is the meaning of ‘whore’ – male sexual insatiability which can never be sated. Ergo such men are the whores and sluts not women!

  2. I don’t think there’s much mileage in using ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ as insults against misogynist men, better that the words just fall out of usage altogether.

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