Daily Archives: November 29th, 2012

QotD: the things we see on screen

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?? Are we really still trying to make the argument that pornography is fiction and that this supposed “fantasy” has no impact on real life or on people’s real life ideas about sex and sexuality? Is pornography somehow exempt as a form of media?

If the things we see on screen, or in the pages of a magazine, are “fantasy” and have no impact on the ways in which we view and understand the world around us, then please explain body image. Please explain why women are afraid to grow old, why so many of them diet obsessively, and why so many hate their bodies. And while you’re doing that, please explain how advertising works. HOW on EARTH is it possible for us to see things on TV and then want to buy them! Explain how we all suddenly learned that white teeth were mandatory or that cellulite was disgusting. This has absolutely nothing to do with images we see on film or in magazines or in ads, right? Right.

Via the end porn tumblr
(Originally from the Canadian F-Word, but link now broken)