QotD: a challenge to ‘sex positives’

When the sex positive movement becomes more comfortable and open to:

  • addressing how sex workers are sometimes abused and raped by their clients
  • addressing how capitalism puts women, especially women of color, in financial situations that coerce them into prostitution and pornography, where they are usually raped repeatedly by pimps, johns and clients
  • addressing how rape culture and porn culture interact to promote rape myths through the fetishization of violence against women and women’s pain
  • addressing how racism and misogyny are used in pornography to reinforce stereotypes about women of color, such as the Jezebel Trope, the Fiery Latina and the Submissive Asian woman. As well as how these racist-sexist narratives are not okay.
  • addressing how being sex-positive means promoting expressions of sexuality that do not rely on racism and misogyny. You can’t “Smash Patriarchy,” if you’re getting off on the very constructs that patriarchy is founded on and uses to oppress real people with EVERYDAY.
  • start acknowledging that the current attitude of [non-animated] pornography being “just fantasy,” is dehumanizing to the people involved in the production of it. That those are real people on screen, enduring real and sometimes painful sex acts (that they are sometimes coerced into doing).
  • start acknowledging that not all fetishes are okay! Fetishizing real people because they belong to a racial or minority class is not okay! And as much as many of you, DO NOT want to read these words and admit to it: FETISHIZING SLAVERY IS BASED IN RACISM!

Until then…
I will not support it, nor will I identify with it.

Source: GynocraticGrrl


2 responses

  1. Reblogged this on radicalwoman.

  2. I sympathize with the sentiments and support them 100%, but I doubt it’ll happen before pigs fly.

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