Men consume pornography because they hate women

The desire to see women utterly degraded and powerless explains in part why anal sex has become so popular in porn. In the real world this act is becoming more common, but I doubt that many women are seeking out the type of anal sex that the pornographers depict. What generally makes anal sex so appealing in porn is the potential pain and harm that robotic and mechanistic thrusting can cause women.

One porn executive explains why users like anal: “Essentially it comes from [every man] who’s unhappily married, and he looked at his wife who just nagged at him about this or that or whatnot, and he says, `I’d like to fuck you in the ass.’ He’s angry at her, right? And he can’t, so he would rather watch some girl taking it up the ass and fantasize at that point he’s doing whatever girl happened to be mean to him that particular day.” Similarly, one producer at the Expo told me that he was specializing in anal-themed movies because “men like to see just how far the women will go with the cocks up her ass. I like to see them pushed to the edge, so I make films I like to watch.

Gail Dines, Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality (found here)

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  1. “I’d like to fuck you in the ass”.
    Yep. I’ve heard that from annoyed men.

  2. Yes, but apparently we’re the ones who are anti-sex!

  3. I am quickly losing my faith in humanity. In men, oh, I have lost faith in them a loong time ago. This society is deplorable. I live in NYC. I love it, but have got to have my armour of steel on while walking the streets. “Hey baby-wanna smoke a joint..” “I just came into money because my Aunt just died and left me some. I’d love to take you out.” These are examples of the horsecrap that I deal with everyday. Imagine if I actually WENT with these men?! I’d never be seen again. I live in a violent society. The economy is bad here. People are hungry for many things-including money and victims. Ever since I moved here at 19, I have never had any peace. Yes, many scumbag pimps have even approached me. Gee, I’m so flattered. Now for porn and losing faith in men and humanity. We all know porn is PAID RAPE, just like prostitution. That’s all it is. Guys know this isn’t real, but for the girl, it is very, very real. Porn has gotten insanely more violent than ever before. Misogyny is on the rise..Thank god Obama was elected here in the states..Mitt Romney was all for taking away women’s rights, and who knows what would have happened if he won? You and I have been witnessing the dumbing down of society. I cannot believe porn is more mainstream than ever? A backlash against Feminism? Indeed. I have so much I want to say, so much pain and anger inside. Men refuse to stop raping, assaulting, emotionally abusing, etc..women and girls. MEN ARE DANGEROUS..

  4. Hi Jennie,

    Thank you for leaving a comment here. I think you are right about porn as a backlash against feminism and women’s advancements, the beginning of the mainstreaming of pornography coincides with second wave feminism too much to be just a coincidence.

    I hope you stay safe, New York must be an amazing city to live in apart from the shitty men!

    Kind regards,

  5. I echo Jennie’s feelings. I feel like I am suffering from PTSD since I saw horrible hardcore porn on my ex-boyfriend’s computer. I don’t think I will be able to ever be intimate with a man again. I do not understand how we as a society have come to view this misogynist propaganda as acceptable… Backlash against feminism by hateful entitled men. What must we think when we hear all men watch porn? They all hate women. I can not arrive at another conclusion. I don’t feel safe living in such a world, I don’t feel respected. I don’t feel safe for my daughter’s well-being (mental and/or physical). She’s young, she’ll be a teen in 10 years from now. How will boys treat girls then if they keep consuming these kinds of material? My only hope is that things will eventually change. Because of people like you and every others who speak publicly against this. Eventhough I often feel like there are only a few out there… Anyway, I want to thank you for what you do, helps us remember we are not alone feeling this way and that they are people out there pubicly speaking for women’s rights to dignity and safety.

  6. Hello Daphne,

    I understand how you feel, being a teenager (or a soon-to-be teenager, or the mother of a girl) must be terrifying these days.

    A lot of men really do hate women, but there is always room for hope, look at what’s happening in India now, massive protests, and no fear of actually naming the agent – the protests are very clear that this is men’s violence and disrespect towards women, they aren’t getting bogged down in third-wave post modernism.


  7. Hello sisters, and thank you very much for responding to my comment. It makes me feel very good that I have discovered so many other women on the internet and beyond who I can relate to! I have been to London, and I LOVED it! My mum is actually from England! 🙂 Daphne, I feel for you about having PTSD. I am on medication for that sort of affliction now. Porn used to be “softer,” a nude lady posing solo, for example. NOW look what is happening! Where did this “hardcore” stuff come from?! It’s nightmarishly brutal to women and girls, and it both saddens me, and makes me angry that people are creating these vile films, and men love them! If they had a heart; just a little compassion for us, they would NOT enjoy these films and images. If the patriarchy REALLY was all for women, these films would be illegal to be made. Hello to Antiplondon as well! Feminist blogs are VERY important to me. Thank you for creating this, and thanks for letting me vent… 🙂

  8. I’m so happy I found this website. A couple of years ago, I caught my husband watching porn. Of course, we got into an argument about it, and he promised not to do it again. I never found appealing to seek out porn on my own before, but after I caught him, I decided to check it out to see what is the big deal. I typed in porn videos in the Google search bar. I have to tell you that I wish I hadn’t, because the stuff I saw truly traumatized and scared me. Virtually all the videos featured on sites like Porn Hub, which supposed to be a mainstream porn site, show nothing but a brutal verbal and physical degradation of women and girls. All the sex acts look like rape. If someone ever doubted that men have a vicious hate toward women, just watch a couple of gonzo porn vids and you’ll never doubt again. The sad part is that this brutal gonzo porn has now become mainstream porn. And the even saddest part is, most men and even some women, absorb this toxic depiction of them, which in turn negatively affects the status of women in the society. We can never be viewed as equal or worthy of respect as long as we have these toxic images playing over and over in men’s (and some women’s) heads.

  9. Jennie, you’re welcome!

    Audrey, thank you for your comment. What counts as ‘mainstream’ now would have been extreme a few decades ago, and porn aesthetics have seeped into the mainstream too – you see women now tottering around in the type of high-heels you wouldn’t have seen outside of a bondage magazine previously.

  10. […] Also, I find it funny that dudes like you are arguing both that the industry can be regulated to make it ‘safe’, but at the same time, any attempt to ban it would drive it underground – isn’t the latter claim just admitting that it’s a semi-underground industry already? Pornographers won’t switch to ‘ethical’ production, because that doesn’t actually sell, men are very honest about wanting violent porn. […]

  11. […] pornographers and porn consumers are quite open about the attraction of anal in porn […]

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